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Gift Vouchers

I so much wanted to create the products that are essential. Essential to our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I believe that if we take care of our mind, if we connect with our heart ,if we take good care of our face and our body -  we will give ourselves an opportunity to be more connected, more present hence more fulfilled. 

What an amazing gift then it could be for somebody who we love and appreciate!

The shelves and cupboards of our family members  and friends are full of products and gadgets that have never been used. Very often they were bought out of boredom or compensation. 

If you give a woman a great face massage oil and a guide how to use it; if you show her how she can connect with her heart, sleep better, be more relaxed and know how to appreciate her own beauty and uniqueness - she may be a much happier wife and mother, friend and co-worker, lover, and neighbour.

This is at least what I had in mine to create this chest of treasures - my on line shop. 

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