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Tarot cards have been used for hundreds years to guide people on their journey through life. Each card has its own spiritual meaning. This is primarily done through  the language of the subconscious: symbolism. Tarot looks at the meaning of the card in relation where it falls in the spread. As it never happens by chance, there is always great accuracy in regards to person's current situation or concerns they may have.


Why to use the Tarot cards? Because sometimes it is difficult for us to step back and to see  a specific events from the bigger perspective. We seem to be “in the middle” of the matter and this often makes us unable to distance ourselves and questioned. Tarot will never  make decisions on your behalf or solve your problems but it may in the very gently and always loving way to bring your attention to the aspect of your life that perhaps need to be revisit or change. In the end it is your decision what do you do with this feedback.


Sessions are conducted via zoom  in the way that allow you to see the cards all the time and pick them up by yourself rather than relaying on the reader. 

Online Tarot Reading 90mins Voucher

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