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Beata in the Press

Breathe: Personal Touch

Some people love professional massages but view them as an occasional treat, while others are uncomfortable with the prospect of having a stranger's hands anywhere near them and wouldn't even entertain the idea.

Could there  be another way?

ELLE magazine Is Massage The Key To Better Sleep?

How to help balance your sleep hormones with self-massage. Can massage manipulate your sleep hormones?

by Bridget March

HARPER'S BAZAAR: The best virtual facials

PLANET MINDFUL: In praise of bolder women.

THE TELEGRAPH: How to look younger in 60 minutes with a ‘virtual’ facial.

Can you really get sharper cheekbones and brighter skin through a facial lesson over Zoom?

Our beauty director Sonia Haria finds out.


Beata Aleksandrowicz: the massage therapist who can remove years from your face

THE TIMES Magazine: Goodbye Botox

Why I won't join the front row Botox brigade

Tatler Spa Guide

Masters of manipulation who'll set your body (and soul) to right.

by Francesca White

Tatler: Face workout

The best online bridal beauty services to get you wedding ready.

Tatler: Natural Selection

Francesca White cheers her favourite knife and needle free refreshers.

The Scotsman: Spa spy - stay relaxed

Learn the basics of facial massage with an online class from Beata Aleksandrowicz

Vanity Fair London: Wishing You Wellness

The best online bridal beauty services to get you wedding ready.

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