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The therapist who can remove years from your face.


Beata Alexsandrowicz
Expert in massage, healing & wellbeing

Fall in love with yourself through a new approach to beauty, where skincare routines are also a mindfulness practice - an extraordinary journey to heal and transform.

With support, love and nurture, we can discover how to sleep better, connect with our heart, relax and be gentler on ourselves. Only then can we be more open to self-appreciation of our own beauty and uniqueness.

I share with you my knowledge and techniques of rejuvenating facial massage and healing meditations, through loving guidance in live, online and one-on-one masterclasses and training

Become more connected, more present
and more fulfilled.

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Expert in massage, healing & wellbeing

With support, love and nurturing, we woman can discover how we can connect with our heart, how to sleep better , be more relaxed and be  gentler to ourselves. We can then be more open to appreciation of  our  beauty and our uniqueness. If,  on the top of that  we embrace the rejuvenating qualities of a great facial massage oil with loving guidance on how to use this with classes, meditations or in-depth face massage cards   - we give ourselves the opportunity to fall in love with ourselves and to become more connected, more present and hence more fulfilled.

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I am offering you a new approach to beauty where skin care routines become a mindfulness practice. I share with you my knowledge and techniques which  are result of decades of my work and my personal experience, to take you on an extraordinary journey to heal and transform. To finally accept how precious, special and beautiful you are.  With love, Beata"

Find out about my facial oil and face massage cards. Voted one of 'five best beauty products of this week that are exciting, no-nonsense and that work' - by the Telegraph

What people say

“The therapist who can remove years from your face."

What you can book today

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Online classes

I offer live 30 & 45min online Face Massage with Beata classes.  For me this is a way to share natural anti-ageing techniques on a regular basis, and a way to connect with people wherever they are in the world.

I am offering those weekly live-stream classes on [GMT time zone]

Thursdays 8:30pm - 30min

Face Workout with Beata

Sundays 8:30pm - 45min

Face Spa with Beata

Please notice that Sunday classes have been suspended until Autumn 2022

Online Private practice

It has been over 20 years since I started my journey through different healing modalities with the quest how to help others to reach their full potential, so they can lead their life lovingly and powerfully. This  brought me to study many types of bodywork, different schools of yoga and healing practises,  which acknowledges the true power of synergy between mind, body and soul in creating our reality.

Spa training

As a founder of Aleksandrowicz System® , massage expert since 2002 and a former co-creator of Pure Massage Spa Training Method® I continuously develop an advanced 

and unique education method for therapists.

Present time requires from therapists to provide Wellness and become active advisors, rather than passive providers.

About Beata

Named ‘the crème de la crème of beauty and wellbeing’ by The Times, ‘the world’s most iconic massage therapist’ by Luxury Wellness Magazine, and a ‘superstar... who has designed some of the best [massages] in the world‘ by Tatler, Beata Aleksandrowicz is an internationally-acclaimed specialist in massage, facials and spa treatments. A renowned writer and speaker, Beata is known for her visionary approach to touch and deep-healing therapy. She co-founded the trailblazing Pure Massage in London which was the first place to champion massage on its own, and developed the ground-breaking Face Therapy. She then launched Aleksandrowicz System ®, the world’s leading spa training programme and very recently Beata - Love Life Beauty. She has an exclusive client list which includes TV presenters, newspaper and magazine editors alongside fashion and beauty directors. Beata served as a member of the Mental Wellness Initiative for The Global Wellness Institute, participated in the Le Ciel Foundation Holistic Visions Symposium, and was a judge for the National Massage Championship.



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