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Spa Guide

Masters of manipulation who'll set your

body (and soul) to right.

by Francesca White


For unblocking 


Beata Aleksandrowicz


The low-down

Beata is famed for her bodywork, believing that mental blockages can manifest physically - like anxiety in a wound-tight stomach, or over-concentration in a heavy- set brow. She addresses the underlying imbalance, with a technique of gentle manipulation and massage (across the chest, sweeping around to the neck), strengthening resolve and resilience through meridian point work, and eliminating congestion (and stagnant energy) as she works up towards the face. Do ask about her Face Therapy: a series of lifting, pinching, stretching movements across the cheeks, jawline and temples, which offers a skin-brightening boost.


The verdict

Beata works in silence and uses no products, bar a few drops of organic rose oil. But the results speak for themselves. Faces appear more open and rested, and bodies feel rather wonderful too.



£185 for 60 minutes - London W10 private studio - www.beata.websiteMassage is not just pampering, it's also a medical tool and can be part of a health- boosting regime. The NHS has recognised this  in his advice to women who have had lymphoedema following breast cancer, and offers guidelines on his website for lymph- boosting self massage.

Beata agrees that opinions are beginning to change and says this extends to other cancer patients : "We used to think that when you massaged, the resulting increased blood circulation might cause the cancer to spread. Now we know that massage can  help balance hormone levels and blood flow, improve the lymphatic system, which is responsible for detoxification, and increase the release of endorphins, so people feel better."

Of course, not everyone feels comfortable with being touched by others and there are people around the world for whom self-massage could prove a useful alternative.

Beata's personal experience is that " in hot countries people tend to be more connected with their bodies... whereas in colder countries, where the bodies are more covered we're [in danger of] losing that connection if we don't make an effort."

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