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Spa spy - stay relaxed

Learn the basics of facial massage with an online class from Beata Aleksandrowicz

The treatment
An online Aleksandrowicz System Facial Massage one-on-one, with massage expert and teacher Beata Aleksandrowicz £10 for 30 minutes Thursdays at 8:30 pm
Why try it?
"By working across the main areas of your face, releasing tension, restoring blood flow, and manipulating the muscles, your face will become more relaxed yet lifted, with toned cheeks and a tightened neck,"  says the blurb for this experience. " Each week Beata  will introduce new elements so you can work on techniques across different areas as you go."
Our spy says
I get a Zoom link before this class, and instructions.
I'll  need to be make-up free and have some face oil (nothing fancy, jojoba or coconut are fine) and be wearing a hairband and a towel or sarong so my neck and shoulders are exposed. 
When I log on, and there's a group of fresh faced women, with facialist Beata in the main pigeon hole. 
We're instructed to take some deep breaths and check our posture,  then cup our faces, take deep breaths, and make positive affirmations. 
The first massage move is an easy one, as it's so gentle, and, Beata says, can help  ease any puffiness by draining the lymphatic system.  It involves a flat hand, pressing against the opposite side of the neck and smoothing onto the décolleté. It's  just a light stroke, nothing too onerous, and we can do it as many times a day as we want.
Next we're onto "sun salutations of facial massage"  in reference to the foundation yoga moves.  Using both hands, we slide up from the jaw,  using lifting movements with the flat of the hands, under the cheeks,  then the forehead, with palms closing then opening like a book.
I find it hard not to tilt my head back,  but Beata corrects me.
We move onto circular  rubs on the chin, moving along the jaw bone, left then right,  and do more work on the chewing muscles in the cheeks, using a gentle hooking and lifting move  on the bottom edge of the bone.
Using  finger tips,  we make tiny circles round the mouth,  then similar, but lighter,  round the eyes.
"We don't want to get rid of the lines,  you can't  do that," Beata   explains.
"They show that you're person who loves to laugh and they're the story of your life.  We're just trying to integrate them."
After taking it from the top a couple of times, my face is tomato coloured. " That's a good sign,"  says Beata. We  finish with a upward whisking manoeuvres,  like we are swiping sand off our skin, then a pitter patter of  fingertips all over,  a pat  down of the shoulders and some deep breathing.
The results
My skin is buzzing and looks invigorated.  I sleep like a fresh faced de-crinkled baby that night.
it's so relaxing, that I'd be happy to do the routine daily,  but Beata says once a week is enough for maximum results.

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