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Why I’ve created Beata's Face Massage Cards?


How many times do we buy oils or cream that end up at the back of our drawer.

I so much believe in face massage and I want to make sure that those who buy my facial massage oil will also know how to use it regularly and effectively. I want to give you a thorough guidance and encourage you to develop biweekly routines that will go beyond face massage and will also give you a chance to spend quality time with yourself. Focusing on your beauty and uniqueness rather than dwelling on imperfections. 


With Love,


Sevices - In Person
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Beata shares her secrets of face massage, in this series of Beata’s Face Massage Cards. She designed simple, yet in-depth easy to learn, transformative series of face massage techniques.

Helping you to create a powerful, uplifting, personalised and highly effective natural beauty routines as a gateway to your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. There are 62 cards included in the deck. Each of them explaining different technique with the picture of Beata presenting the technique. 

Price £28

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