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Why I’ve created masterclass?


There are so many great techniques for face massage that address specific issues or concerns. I wanted to share them with you to encourage you to try this most natural way of taking care of your face. Masterclasses are interactive and we do all the techniques together, giving you the chance to really learn each of them, to feel and see the benefit. Although they address specific areas of the face they all have a strong message about letting go of any self-criticism and focusing on giving yourself all the love and care that you need.


With Love,


Lymphatic Drainage No 1.png

Lymphatic Drainage NO.1

Beata believes that Lymphatic Drainage is a true fundament of the skin care routine and she wants to show you how easily it can be done. When the Lymph flows undisturbed  it not only increases our immunity but it also helps to achieve an amazing spark in our face that we all want to see. Beata created a set of techniques that are safe and simple, so you can include them in your everyday skin care practice with joy and ease

Price £35

Lymphatic Drainage No 2.png

Lymphatic Drainage NO.2

In this masterclass Beata guides you through more advanced techniques to further increase the positive effect that Lymphatic Drainage can  bring to your face. However, she recommends that you get familiar with the first part of the Lymphatic Drainage techniques before you explore the advanced part. She suggests getting familiar with the basic techniques which will give you a strong base and a better understanding before you explore the more  advanced techniques

Price £35

Almighty Apple Cheeks.png

Almighty Apple Cheeks

Refined cheek bones can make such a big difference in the appearance of the face. Beata is a strong believer that we can all have amazing apple cheeks no matter the natural structure of the face. She created an effective “Apple Cheeks Rituals” that if performed regularly can bring much more pronounced cheeks, adding freshness and vitality to your appearance.

Price £35

Refined Jawline.png

Refined Jaw

In this masterclass Beata focuses on the jaw line showing you that the secret is not only in massaging the jaw using her very effective and refined techniques, but also increasing awareness of your posture. She also addresses  how stress can be a significant culprit of any kind of tension in the jaw.

Price £35

Swan Neck.png

Swan Neck 

Beata makes you aware in this masterclass how important it is to take care not only of the face buts also of the neck and chest. She signals how fragile the the skin of the neck is and how important it is to treat it really well and with awareness. She takes you through some neck massage techniques that will add the firmness and tone to the neck and chest area.

Price £35

Fullsome Lips.png

Fullsome Lips

The area around the lips can be very fragile and prone to dryness. Our lips and mouth are in almost constant movement. Our thoughts and emotions can be easily shown in this area and leave kind of “frozen” expression. Beata teaches you how to take good care of  your lips. How to reduce the small lines especially above the upper lip and keep them moisturised and firm. She also shares some secrets how to increase their fullness in most natural way.

Price £35

Uplifted Forehead.png

Uplifted Forehead

We want to see in the mirror an open and smooth forehead. Free from tension and those frustration lines that we have built through life. There is however more to it  because the tension stored in the forehead and scalp can easily cause headaches and even neck and shoulders issues. In this masterclass Beata shares with you massage techniques that will not only improve your appearance but a also  bring some relief  and relaxation to the area of forehead and scalp

Price £35

Eyes Wide Open.png

Eyes Wide Open 

How easily we under appreciate our eyes and take them simply for granted. Yet they work so hard and they need good care in order to shine and to be strong. Beata goes with you through massage techniques that will help to relax your eyes, smooth the lines and improve the blood and lymph flow. She shows you daily rituals that  can be easily incorporate in your daily skin helping to make the area around your eyes stronger, healthier and brighter.

Price £35

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