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Tatler: Natural Selection

Francesca White cheers her favourite knife and needle free refreshers.

What: Aleksandrowicz face cure

The lowdown: Facialist and bodyworker  Beata Alexandrowicz is a pioneer in the wellness industry, but the Aleksandrovich system founder has developed an innovative new therapy. Her unique Face Cure not only refines the natural facial structure by means of some cosseting techniques (massage, acupressure and some rather heavily stretching) it also wipes away the the strain caused by an anxious mind.

Beata will lead you in a series of breathwork to clear stagnant energy and play and playNepalese singing balls (to calm the nervous system)  all the while manipulating muscles, releasing tension in the tissues and restoring blood flow to the face.

Our verdict: seldom does a facial leave you feeling this peaceful. A glance in the mirror confirms what you already suspected : a more radiant complexion, softened lines and a lighter, more lifted brow.

Details: from £ 185 at Oxford Gardens W10 6NG 

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