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What is the Pure Massage Spa Training Method.

The Pure Massage Spa Training Method® is the result of my 20 years of work as therapist, healer teacher and business executive. It’s a quest to provide therapists with all tools needed to offer highly effective, with the humanity at the core, treatment. It is a training in a modern concept of massage based on 12 Principles of Massage. It gives therapists and the clients an education about the important of touch, massage and spiritual growth.

The Pure Massage technique combines elements of deep tissue, trigger points and myofascial release, quantum healing and energy work. It acknowledges the intelligence of the body in self-healing and protection. It teaches therapists a highly effective yet injury-free techniques and gives them also the knowledge ho to take care of physical and emotional wellness

I am proud to say that my massage concept has been referred to as “the best in the world" by the Tatler Spa Guide.

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