What is the power of touch?

Touch is the mother of all senses, and is the first sense that develops in the embryo. It’s how we learn about the world around us and gives us the deepest connection with another human being. It brings comfort, reassures us that we are not alone, provides warmth, care and attention. We need to recognise the healing power of touch.

Why is it so important?

In today’s disconnected world we avoid touch because we don’t have the emotional understanding of how to respond to it. People don’t know how to handle intimacy either – even simple hug can become a problem. This is why touch can be misunderstood and misused. Positive touch is a condition of physical and emotional growth and I believe massage plays a vital role in restoring this balance.

What do you mean by the human experience in spas?

A human experience is one that considers the mind, body and soul as one. It addresses a deeper level of humanity within us and people are craving it. They want an authentic human connection in the spa because, as a society we are increasingly disconnected from ourselves and one another. I believe that the human experience is about connecting people as individuals and offering them something simple, yet profound.

Delivering this requires awareness and presence. You need to engage with clients, talk to them and truly connect. Done correctly it makes people feel welcome, special, unique and valued. By creating a human connection, you facilitate true personalisation, taking it to another level.

Why is this important in the spa industry?

Spas are faced with the necessity of delivering a wellness concept but it’s not possible to deliver this without authenticity and connectivity. Wellness requires guidance, advice, education which has to be based on a personalised experience with the spa team. This is essential to create real change in people’s lives.

What do spas get wrong?

They often underestimate the importance of the therapist’s role in making such a positive change in a client’s life. I am always frustrated at how many spa owners and operators refuse to see how important it is to invest in therapist’s continuous education. They need to provide them with the ethical work place so they can feel acknowledged and part of the much bigger picture.

What do they get right?

Spa are chaning – they have to. They are opening their horizons, listening clients, starting to understand that in order for the spa to be successful they need to invest in their people and their mission