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Self Massage

Updated: Jun 25

Don't be Nervous

Anyone can give an effective massage. Don't be scared off by its association with luxurious spa treatments. The basic healing and reviving powers of touch can be part of your everyday routine.

Hold and Release

Tension builds up in the muscles as 'knots', where waste products haven't been removed by circulation. Don't be brutal; instead, apply pressure gradually with the thumb and hold for five seconds at a time. Make sure the recipient breathes deeply, release and repeat. It's as simple as that

Slow and Steady

The slower the better. Rhythmical, repetitive movements will make you more aware of the body and help relax the nervous system

Energy Booster Massage

This massage can boost your energy levels. If you find yourself flagging at work, place both hands on either side of the base of your neck and hold for three counts. Look up and squeeze the muscles with your fingers and thumbs. Slowly roll your head forward as you exhale, feeling the stretch between your neck and shoulders. Count to 10 while breathing deeply. Slowly return your head to an upright position, and repeat twice

Get the Pressure Right

A massage should not hurt - your body will tell you the correct pressure. Avoid direct pressure on the bones and instead concentrate on the muscles

Treat your Feet

The feet are full of nerve endings - soothe them with a massage before bed. Apply a lotion over the top and sole of your foot, up towards the ankle. Press both thumbs into the sole, making three slow outward circles. Lift and repeat, gradually working your way across the whole sole. Don't forget the pads of your toes, too. Finally, press your thumb into the middle, top-point of the sole and slide down the centre to the edge of your heel

Treat someone to a reviving shoulder massage.

Place your left palm on their left shoulder, and your right on their right shoulder. Squeeze the shoulder muscles between your fingers and thumbs. Lift and roll the muscles alternately, one side at a time and Work Your Way Down Next, place your thumbs on either side of their spine at the base of the neck, in the grooves between the vertebrae. Gently press in, and release. Move your thumbs down to the next space and repeat, pressing and releasing slowly as you work your way down. Never press directly on the spine. Finish off by standing to the right of your partner, reach across to their left shoulder and interlock your fingers. Gently squeeze the shoulder muscle, pressing into the middle, between your palms. Hold for five. Release and repeat, before switching sides

Choose Your Moment

When massaging somebody else your mood is much more important than your technique. Touch is an incredibly powerful communication tool. If you are doing something reluctantly or half-heartedly, it will transmit to the person you are doing it to

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