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Aleksandrowicz System - Body Cure

Massage treatments which I personally developed are therapeutic and progressive massages, using myofascial release and trigger points. They combine Eastern and Western techniques addressing the natural rhythms and self healing system of the body.
Whatever problems you may have, each treatment will be tailor made  specifically to your needs.


When you come first time we go through all your concerns and choose whatever seems to be the best option for you. 
We may start with a few back or body massages for the time being or we may create a specific program of treatments combining for example back massage with face massage, or detox treatment. The most important is to make a commitment to the change. To feel great by the fact that you have decided to do something for yourself. To acknowledge yourself and respect what you need.

We can also alternate body work with Theta Healing to address the need not only of your body but also your mind and your soul. We will make sure that whatever you choose you will be fully informed about the benefits and all your questions will be answered.

With each session you will experience less tiredness, the energy will flow more naturally and your general attitude to life will change, making you feel happier and stronger. 

In case of any health complaints it is highly recommended to seek a doctor’s advice prior to your session.

60 min treatment   £185
90 min treatment   £260
120 min treatment £350

My Approach
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