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William is a stone sculptor who lives in Cornwall. He has carved stones for the past twenty years, exploring both figuration and abstraction. He bends the stone like it would be a piece of rubber not a block of marble.

This is technically almost impossible! I have two of his free standing “sketches in marbles” as he name it.

They are an endless source of inspiration for me and every day I can relate to them in a different way. They are indeed a “physical recording of the feelings in the marble” as he described it.  

Here is a beautiful film of William, produced for the John Martin Gallery from one of his exhibitions 




Yvonne is a registered public health nutritionist, fitness expert, life coach, and a Wellbeing and Lifestyle consultant with over 40 years of experience.

She is the creator of a lifestyle programme that brings balance based on intelligent eating and an introduction to physical exercise.

Her knowledge, expertise and passion took me by storm! She has a very individual approach to each of her clients with weekly calls when she can monitor the progress and adjust it to the individual needs. She is warm, wise and loving, always there for you.

She runs successful Health Retreats in the Lot Valley in the South West of France.




Those two beautiful ladies, creators of Clarity Breathwork have changed my life and they continue to do so! I studied with them all breath work modalities to learn that if we only could have a space and time to breathe, so many of our wounds would be healed, giving us a new entry towards a much more happy and fulfilled life.

They are gentle, ego free, extremely professional and knowledgeable. They offer individual sessions and run many breath work workshops and courses, promoting forgiveness and change.

Each of their trainings are accompanied by Dana’s flute music and chants which opens the heart of every participant.

They created a set of very powerful Mantras and Meditations which become an inseparable part of my everyday life.




Francesca combines in her sessions systematic kinesiology, craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation. She was introduced to kinesiology by her mother when she was teenager and the fact that her stepfather was a pioneer in introducing acupuncture in this country had obviously a huge effect on her. I have known Francesca for almost 15 years and she supported me on my many health-related paths, always giving me most accurate and effective support. It is fascinating to watch her during her work, dancing almost between charts, samples, energy activation tools always with the sincere intention to provide best possible and of highest quality treatment. She is an alchemist!




Kavan is a guy who could turn into an athlete even the most advanced 'potato couch' type! He is extremely professional and knowledgeable and an accomplished rugby player.

He offers one to one sessions and has very successful on-line PT programmes together with nutritional advices.

He advocates small but continues steps.

He watches your every move to make sure that you stay injury free. Kavan favors slow and conscious movement and compares it to meditation.

Finally, he is warm and compassionate and has a fantastic, earthy sense of humour; which helps especially in the end of the session when you try to put back together all your body parts and walk - somehow - towards the exit!

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