A long time ago I met a gypsy fortune teller, the whole experience was mind boggling and still vivid in my mind to this day. What was striking is that she told me that one day I would become a writer. I have been writing intermittently since, filling notebooks with thoughts and travels, my heart being a seismograph of my adventures. I have published two books on massage translated in several languages,  published worldwide by Duncan Baird.

I wrote a weekly column for The Sunday Telegraph, Stella Magazine and also co-authored the Massage Guide created by The Guardian Magazine.

I regularly write for magazines like World Spa & Wellness and comment as an expert for several global publications.

I want to share here the books, the writings, the thoughts…


If you want to energise your tired face in the morning, or if your eyes are aching in front of a computer; if you need to rejuvenate before a party, or you'd like to lift signs of ageing from around your forehead, eyes and mouth, here are soothing solutions to help you relax and restore. This truly is quick and easy face massage!



Beata brings you 5-minute soothing sessions you can do anytime, anywhere - on anyone. If you need a morning wake-up massage to invigorate you or you're preparing for a meeting; f your partner would love a tension reliever, or your child is finding it hard to sleep; or if you feel wound-up or just plain stressed. Here are movements and routines to help you let go, rebalance and re-energise. This truly is quick and easy massage.

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E-Book Series

Beata has written a series of informative and educational wellness e-books, sharing her knowledge and experience working with spas around the world. Ideal for therapists, Spa Managers and wider public, the e-book series begins with ‘How to prevent therapist burnout’  


To download the e-book, simply click the link below



A great massage should offer much more than physical relief and relaxation.

Delivered with knowledge, humanity, professionalism and commitment, a client should feel cared for. They should also feel a positive change that addresses their concerns. A good massage should make your client feel more positive, at peace and connected with themselves. There should also be clear guidance on how to support the results of the treatment at home.

To deliver a good massage we must acknowledge the healing power of touch

Touch is the mother of all senses, and is the first sense that develops in the embryo. It’s how we learn about the world around us and gives us the deepest connection with another human being. It brings comfort, reassures us that we are not alone, provides warmth, care and attention. >>