My talks range from twenty to ninety  minutes depending on the format. It is possible to add an interactive Question & Answer section at the end of my talk. 

Each talk I deliver is adapted to the audience I am speaking to, depending on their interest and the purpose of the talk. I am happy to be interviewed on stage as well and join panel discussion. If you would like to invite me to give a talk please contact my PR Mark Smith .

Thank you


Are your therapist prepared to deliver Wellness?

Beata will explore the fundamental change in the therapist role, from passive provider to active advisor. She will also address how this can be achieved through advanced education and support.



How to care for the emotional wellness of your team

Beata will talk about how to empower therapists to feel confident in themselves, and how to deal with stress and their own emotions. Staff who feel strong, comfortable and in control of their situation are happier and healthier employees.



How to prevent therapists from burnout and how to re-ignite their passion.

Beata discusses how to equip the team with the mental, emotional and physical tools to meet the physical and emotional demands of their work. 



The importance of Touch in a Wellness lifestyle/ The power of Touch.

Beata talks about the power of touch and how regular, repeated massage not only lowers anxiety and depression, but also negative moods and caused profound biological changes, decreasing the stress hormone cortisol, reducing anxiety. 



A positive approach to ageing/natural ageing 

Ageing is the most natural process of life it’s seen everywhere in nature. Beata addresses the issues related to ageing, encouraging a new perspective on natural ageing, our approach to wrinkles, lines whilst embracing inner peace and happiness.    



How to take care of your face

Combining down to earth advice and practical tips, Beata presents an experiential workshop on face massage, facial exercise. She will talk about how face muscles function, how we communicate with each other through our faces, relaxation and how what we eat affects our faces. 



How to improve sleep 

Explaining the biological rhythm of the body and the physiological processes and hormones that affect sleep, Beata will streamline the science with practical advice and breathing techniques and self-massage tips to introduce immediately to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. 



Everyday Massage 

Everyday massage should be just that – an everyday practice as the power of touch is so profound. A practical workshop for friends, couples or family. This talk will introduce techniques that can improve posture, reducing anxiety and promote relaxation and better sleep.