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What are the spa trends you are seeing as you travel the world? 

Clients have an increasing awareness and knowledge of the benefits and importance of massage, healthy lifestyle, ecology of mind and they expect spas to respond to these demands by offering high quality treatments that go beyond pampering and beauty and can be developed to much higher standards, towards relaxation, health and wellness. Trends are definitely towards guidance to healthy and fulfilling life rather than services based strictly on pampering and gimmick treatments to impress. People are looking for treatments and spa retreats that deliver long term positive change. Spa is becoming a place of support in self-discovery, self-awareness and health. Wellness offerings are booming, and there are also more spas offering medical services like tests, in depth cleansing programmes, post-surgical recoveries, services based on integrative rather than traditional medicine. I just hope that as much as luxury spas are developing their wellness offering, there will be a steady growth of communal spas with affordable prices, serving the local communities not only through no nonsense and effective treatments, wellness education but also through giving people chance to meet, to relate to each other, to co-exist, which in my opinion is so important in time of increasing alienation and mental health problems on a global scale.

I think that we are increasingly seeing a more environmental approach in spas (which is excellent) and the use of environmentally friendly packaging, saving water through reduction of used towels etc are all very important steps. You see this happening and more and more and it is vital in island resorts.

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