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The importance of continuous training for massage therapist.

I can never stress enough how important it is for massage therapists to continue developing their skills. Training isn’t just about the technique, it’s vitally important to invest in them because only advanced training will keep them growing and passionately do their job.

Massage is a demanding and very physical job and can be draining on the body, mind and spirit. In my experience, no students are equipped to handle the demands of 4 or 5 massages (or sometimes more) per day. It leads very quickly to burnout especially if they have not been educated on how to employ injury-free techniques in the treatment room. Let alone considering issues of care for their emotional wellbeing. These young people are our industry’s future and I fear we are losing far too many because we are not educating or supporting them correctly.

So why is continuous training so important for therapists? Let’s consider the following points:

The spa environment is always changing; clients have new expectations, spas are equipped with new technologies and techniques and we need to follow new trends.

Routine is the enemy; repeated actions can cause loss of interest and lack of concentration.

The research on mind, body and soul is constantly developing; the work of massage therapists doesn’t revolve around massage only, it is a complex job that requires emotional, intellectual and spiritual alertness.

Sense of isolation

A spa can offer the best experience possible to its clients only by employing a team of professional, dedicated and passionate therapists. I believe that behind successful spas there is always a successful team.

Continuous training allows spa practitioners to keep up with the environment they operate in, enables them to stay alert, curious and passionate about the job; this means that if they are doing something that makes them happy, this happiness gets transferred to the clients by proxy. New challenges keep therapists inspired and force them to leave their comfort zone while meeting like-minded people, sharing ideas and suggestions.

Let’s begin to regard our staff as the professionals that they are. They are the core of our business and possibly our greatest asset. By investing in their continuous learning, we are investing in the future, reigniting their passion and future-proofing our businesses.

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