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The human experience in a spa.

The human experience in a spa

is one that considers the mind, body and soul as one. It addresses a deeper level of humanity within us and people are craving it. They want an authentic human connection in the spa because, as a society we are increasingly disconnected from ourselves and one another. I believe that the human experience is about connecting people as individuals and offering them something simple, yet profound.

Delivering this requires awareness and presence. You need to engage with clients, talk to them and truly connect. Done correctly it makes people feel welcome, special, unique and valued. By creating a human connection, you facilitate true personalisation, taking it to another level.

Why is it important in the spa industry?

Spas are faced with the necessity of delivering a wellness concept but it’s not possible to deliver this without authenticity and connectivity. Wellness requires guidance, advice, education which has to be based on a personalised experience with the spa team. This is essential to create real change in people’s lives.

How can we ensure that the spa fully integrates the concept?

The concept of the human connection has to be fully integrated through all departments in your business, not just in the spa. You need to allow more time in the schedule to enable this connection. Continuous education is important here, including informing every member of the business about their own wellness. Also look at the work conditions you are providing to your team. It requires authenticity and ethics right at the core of the business. Do you walk the walk?

How do we encourage our therapists to engage with this concept?

Therapists need to understand the role that they play in this. They have the tools to create change for the client. Education is key and must involve their own self-care and self-awareness. Develop their own understanding of humanity too. If they don’t have it, there’s no way they can offer it to the client. The client needs to be received, to be heard, to be recognized and understood. Empowering therapists to deliver this gift will elevate the client/guest relationship to a whole new level.

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