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Massage boosting immunity.

We generally associate massage with a quick fix when we have a physical problem in the body. Because we have narrowed massage to a simple physical fix, we have lost the understanding of how powerful and healing it can be on both physical and emotional level.

Massage helps the body to relax and releases muscular tension. Massage will help to increase breathing, oxygenating the body and supplying vital nutrients. It helps to stimulate the body which is often in a stagnant state.

The body has its own intelligence and healing system. In order for the body to function properly it needs to be in balance. So, things like stress anxiety, emotional traumas, tiredness and burnout will have an impact on the balance of the body. All systems of the body depend on each other, they work together and respond to each other. The beauty of massage is that it brings that balance to every system in the body.

For example, with immune system, massage works directly on the central nervous system by bringing this balance to the body.

Our immune system is our defense system. We produce white blood cells that protect us against viruses and diseases. The more relaxed we are, the more effective the immune system is, and there is a natural increase in the production of white blood cells. It is also proven that when people receive massage there is a significant increase in the production of white blood cells.

There is also evidence that that massage decreases the level of cortisol, the stress hormone which is very inflammatory – stress and inflammation are the main causes of many diseases. Massage also lowers the number of cytokines. These are molecules that plays a role in inflammation. Reducing these through massage is most important.

What is also important is that the immune system works with the lymphatic system. We know that lymphatic system is responsible for detoxification of the body – and it works closely with circulatory system. Massage also stimulates the production of lymphocytes (small white bloody cells) in the lymphatic system.

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