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Is Face Massage as beneficial as Body Massage?

Updated: Jun 25

Absolutely !

It is important however to understand the difference between fascial and face massage.

Fascial involves several beauty procedures and applying different beauty products. Some massage techniques are included in the typical fascial, serving more as a bridge between different phases of the treatment.

Face Massage on the other hand is massage itself, stimulating the whole body, although limited to working on the face only.

If the face massage is well structured and includes also work on skull, neck and shoulders it can be a great alternative to body massage. Therefore even those who are not so keen on body treatments can still benefit from massage.

We have more than 600 pressure points in our body and many of them are located on our face. They are related to different organs and system of the body therefore a good face massage can positively impact the entire system.

Of course there is a beauty element in it as well and after a great face massage the face should glow and the feeling of revitalising the face should be present for many days.

But there is more to that…A face can breathe - should breathe - but very often is frozen.

We live in a time of such demands and pressure. Everyday tension is accumulating in our body, especially in our face. I am hearing so often from my clients that they feel like the everyday battles took somehow their face away from them. That they have ‘lost’ their face and that the reflection in the mirror no longer matches who they feel they are.

When I introduced at Dormy House Spa our Revitalising Face Pure Massage i wanted to give the client an experience of total, complete face massage that goes beyond a pampering beauty treatment and reaches and releases not only tension from each muscle in their face, but also gives them the possibility to reconnect with their own face.

We communicate with the outside world through our face, it manifests who we are, it shows our life experience and what we have learnt from it.

It can also show our beauty if we take good care of our face. It can be approached in a natural, non invasive way and a good face massage stands above any treatments. If we also are willing to acknowledge the fact that our life style, diet and ecology of our mind contribute hugely how we look, we can create a self care regimen that will keep us feeling light and fresh for many years to come, with no fear to look at the mirror.

Face Massage

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