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Is back massage the key massage and why?

Back massage is the core as it addresses the root structures of the body like the spine or pelvis, but also the major muscles of our movements. Any restrictions in upper or lower back will have a big impact on our mobility therefore impact also on our emotions. I always start massage from the back treating it as a trunk from which all branches are rising.

Could you please give us some info on the back being the seat of fear – an emotional connection between money, family problems etc and the back, for example is it true that the lower back can hold pain relating to money issues?

Energetically the lower spine is connected with the two first chakras, which are the centres of the energy flow. Any restrictions there can cause much weaker circulation, so not enough oxygen and nutrients will be supplied to the muscles which may manifest with stiffness or even pain. Joints and ligaments will be less flexible as well. These blockages in an energy flow can be related to our belief system, the way we perceive the world is based on our experience, but also the heritage from our parents and ancestors but collectively as well. The first two chakras (at the bottom of the spine and then in the level of the navel) are related to our roots, ability to anchor and to connect with the energy of Earth. In other words, our ability to stay connected with our own power, resources, standing strongly with the base. So obviously if this energy is wobbly it will impact the way how we are rooted in ourselves and the world on the level of our relationships, work, finances.

Also if you have any practical ideas re: standing desks, beds, self-help measures etc that would be great.

Don't bend forward with a locked knee. Always bend the knees a little. If you have to pick up something from the floor do it from squat position.

Choose a bed with a mattress that is firm enough to keep spine aligned or buy a special mattress that will support the curvature of the spine. Sit straight with a pillow supporting lower back, and take care of the core muscles! This is one of best ways to prevent any lower back problem! Keep your lower back warm. Breathe. Very often lower back pain comes from tense muscles that often represent lack of ability to rest, relax, and let go..

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