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How can I make my salon stand out as the go-to place for massage?


Massage is the most popular treatment on the menu and to deliver the very best you need to return to the basics and ensure your staff are trained and supported. My first tip is to ensure that the treatment menu is simple and clear. Your questionnaire needs to be really relevant to massage and has to provide the right information for the therapist. Does it ask about the physical and emotional concerns for the client? Do your therapists use this information during the consultation. This is vital.

To be the go-to place you also need to ensure that the massage room is comfortable for the therapist to give the treatment in. that there is an adjustable treatment bed and that the therapist has access to the body without over stretching or bending their body unnecessarily.

All therapists need to be very well trained in massage, in communications, in post treatment advice, they also have to be fully aware of the role which they play and they need to take good care of themselves. There needs to be full recognition of the risks which are involved in the job from physical injury and emotional burnout or even mental disillusion with the job. The techniques they use have to be effective and safe for them. This will reduce staff burnout, increase staff retention and improve client satisfaction.

As an employer, you need to implement a supportive structure for your team, equipping them with the tools and structures that allow them to work effectively to deliver the very best in massage.

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