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Do I need massage ?

Updated: Jun 24

Yes you do !

Massage is one of the most important tools to maintain a healthy and happy life. And your wellness is at the core of everything what you do!

The greek physician Hippocrates (460 to 377 B.C) known as the father of medicine, believed that healing begins with daily massage.

You can compare your physical body to the vehicle that you need to move, to see, feel, hear, taste. To experience your life in its physical form.

I am sure you are taking a great care of your car so it can take you safely from one place to another. What would happen If you could give your body the same attention?

Would it serve you well for a very long time?

You make ask what is so special about massage that you should seriously consider to add it to your monthly or even better weekly schedule?

Lets put it in 10 most important points:

It takes muscular tension away, so you can move more freely.

It flashes out all toxins so your inner organs can work at its best, especially liver and kidneys.

It improves your immune system so you can be guarded against colds and tiredness.

It rebalances all your hormones, especially the serotonin level , so you can approach life challenges with a smile and feel happier.

It removes the superficial layer of your skin, revealing your beauty so you can feel like a million dollars all the time.

It helps you to rest and relax, so you can walk through life with a light and open heart.

It educates you how to breathe, so you can feel strong and supplied with all the nutrients you need.

It creates more space in you joints and ligaments, so you can feel more flexible.

It supports your digestive track so you can absorb food better, feeling fresh and strong.

It brings you back to your inner ME, so you can live your life fully .

Now where to start? How can I find the right place or therapist?

The best is of course word of mouth. Get the name of the therapist a person had massage with, not just the name of the place they went to, because unfortunately there is generally not too much consistency in the training and you may end up with a totally different experience.

The other way is to search on the internet.

Check the menus. Ask them to explain the types of treatments on offer, how they differ, and which one is best for your needs.

If they’re vague, rushed, or plain irritated by your questions, go elsewhere.

You need to look for quality, not quantity, avoiding spas with endless treatment options and instead seeking out places that feel more like havens than factories.

What to do next?

Don’t eat a heavy meal before your treatment and no alcohol, even one beer or cider. It will increase the toxic load on the body! However we don't want to admit it, the alcohol is simply a depressant drug therefore it has to be avoided before and after massage.

Absolutely avoid places where no form is given! It is not only unprofessional but also puts your health in hazard.

There are contraindications to massage, like high temperature for instant, and your therapist should be familiar with all of them and guide you through it during the initial conversation.

Be precise in your requests and expectations. It will help therapist to tailor made the treatment so you can truly benefit from it.

If you are not happy with the pressure during the treatment, or feeling uncomfortable at any time, you must inform your therapist immediately.

Remember that this treatment is for you, therefore it is expected from the therapist to be receptive to your needs and respond to them.

If nobody is offering you water after the treatment, request some but never go back to this place again!

Drinking water is crucial, as all toxins need to be flushed out from your system, otherwise you might end with a headache and all the benefits of massage will be gone!

You should receive good after care advice, which will indicate the professionalism of the place.

Try to spare some time for yourself after massage. A short walk or rest in the park for a few minutes will prolong the effect massage had on your entire being.

If you are happy with the experience, you liked the place and your therapist, book another treat.

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