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Being versus doing

Updated: Jun 13

How much time are we spending creating structures, strategies, and agendas hoping that this will take us wherever we want to be!

What I


am learning however is that this simply cannot work because actions, steps decisions are never fulfilled unless, they are manifestation of the being we are choosing.

For example as long as you are not choosing the being of lets say a successful person and you are lead by your fears and negative points of view - you can create an enormous and very impressive action plan but you will not stick to it but rather see it as a obligation or burden. You will neglect your promises sooner or later, being left with anger and disappointment with yourself.

The being is the starting point. The being creates effortlessly everything that needs to be created!

All actions are created almost automatically and never seen as a burden or obligation. They are the natural result of the being we have chosen.

If you choose to be an artist. if your whole being becomes an artist then spending many hours on painting won’t be seen as an act of sacrifice. It will be a natural result of your choice so it will come with joy and passion beyond time and space. There won’t be anymore endless wish lists, or dos and don’ts.

Another example is.. lets say you are a therapist.. if your being a therapist is not just a statement but living in that space of being, then the way you appear, communicate and perform will express that, without you even thinking about it.

This might be obvious, but how many of us really live according to this fundamental principle?

How authentic could we become by following our own truth and living with in it. What freedom and joy could we experience, while completing our everyday tasks. Effortlessly!

Wow! I want this!

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