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A grounded angel

Updated: Jun 24

I fell in love with this angel from the very first moment i saw it. I was spending my writing week at my editor's house, Sophie.

She was determined to get me out of London so I would have the space and time to create a substantial amount of work that she could then start to edit. There were many small sculptures in the house that Wim, her husband had created for a 100 day exhibition, one sculpture for every single day. I liked them all. They were made from white marble , sitting on a dark grey podium and asking to be touched.

But one angel in particular caught my attention and I could not help watching him endlessly during my breaks, sitting in their warm, country side kitchen.

It was a grounded angel. Heavy, bulky, deeply rooted into the Earth through his massive legs while his upper body and wings seemed to raise effortlessly defeating gravity.

There was a divine power in his spread wings and in the way he was holding his head, running towards his only known destiny. A pure manifestation of the synergy between earthiness and the eternal.

We were told that these two forces have to be in opposition to each other. That we cannot explore our divine nature while peeling potatoes. That we must detach from our physical body in order to connect with our sublime nature.

But spirituality is in everything. It is a choice we make about how to perceive reality. How to respond to life in every form.

It requires “strong legs” rooted in our experience of earthiness while at the same time an open, healed, alive heart as the only guide in our choices and decisions.

There are endless ways to experience this balance between the spiritual and the physical. One might want to go on a yoga retreat, eat grass and twist into pretzel shapes. Dig holes and plant trees. One might want to share their life with children or dedicate themselves to the solitude of writing. Somebody else might wish to express themselves in all manor of ways.

There is no right or wrong in learning how to breath deeply enough to allow our hearts to have the space to be free from any limitations that deprive us from experiencing Love.

It is a personal journey for each of us. And we all have evolutionary stages. Our own stops and sub-destinations.

But we are all traveling in the same direction.

theta healing

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