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Why I’ve created masterclass?


There are so many great techniques for face massage that address specific issues or concerns. I wanted to share them with you to encourage you to try this most natural way of taking care of your face. Masterclasses are interactive and we do all the techniques together, giving you the chance to really learn each of them, to feel and see the benefit. Although they address specific areas of the face they all have a strong message about letting go of any self-criticism and focusing on giving yourself all the love and care that you need.


With Love,


Sevices - In Person
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Why do not  have them all? The muscles of the face and neck are all connected and whatever tension you may store in your forehead it will impact the appearance of your jaw or neck.

Having them all together means that you can create a wellness programme for yourself over period of several weeks working on the specific area once a week and moving to the next one.


You may want to purchase a whole bundle straight away for the discount price. You may also want to buy just one of them to try and then fall in love in it so much that you would like to buy the bundle. If you make an order within 48 hours of purchasing the single one, you will still get your bundle discount!

Price £200

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