Online Classes - Thursdays


Face Workout with Beata 30 minutes

Join Beata for a vibrant face massage session lasting 30 minutes. The results? By working across the main areas of your face, releasing tension, restoring blood flow, and manipulating the muscles, your face will become more relaxed yet lifted, with toned cheeks and a tightened neck. Each week Beata will introduce new elements so you can work on techniques across different areas as you go. You’ll be able to ask questions and learn how to master your skills during this live class.


All classes are via zoom.

Online Classes - Sundays


Face Spa with Beata 45 minutes 

Connect with Beata for an indulgent face spa session lasting 45 minutes. Put your daily concerns to one side, and practice mindful rituals, including breathing and meditation, that will give visible results. Your face will feel lifted and invigorated, vibrant and restored. Every week on this live class Beata will show you face massage techniques and exercises that you can use to give yourself a whole-face treatment. What’s more, you can also use quick versions of the techniques throughout the week. You’ll be able to ask questions and create your own bespoke rituals – creating a wellness space within your life.

All classes are via zoom.