Often I have seen spa managers struggling with the infrastructure of their spa - from storage space to choosing the wrong massage table or having to deal with totally inappropriate lighting or music equipment. A modern spa should go to the essence and not the superfluous. And essence is often solved in the architectural details. Therefore I am very excited to partner with Walker Simpson Architects, because this way we can find new ways to bring wellbeing to larger public without giving up on quality and high standards of service.


The quest for wellness is bigger than ever and is also much more needed than ever before. But what is it, how can it be delivered, how can it be implemented?


Putting our minds together and from our joint experiences we believe it is time to offer wellness on a larger scale, while being affordable, while making sure it is of the highest quality.  


We go back to basics and our no nonsense approach helps to go to the essence of wellness and look at the causes of illness. Our mission is to  offer the  best possible preventative solutions, for the individual client and for the community.


We offer spas a clear vision of how they can develop a new concept,  emphasising wellness of everyone involved in the project above all. We all need to understand what wellness means for each other, how to develop it for ourselves and for the others, how to grow with it, how to embrace.  It’s that simple and that complicated as one size fits all does not apply here.


Our solutions are simple but radical, effective and relevant, based on affordable luxury  standards.


Life is about relationships, about love, about opening your heart, to laughter and kindness. There are many ways to bring wellness into your life and we believe it is necessary to create the spaces to make it accessible.


Gut health, physical health and mental health are the fundaments for keeping stress and diseases at bay. We all know this. Let’s make it possible for the wellness of all and for the planet.