How Not to Wear Black:

Find your Style, Create your Forever Wardrobe 

Anna Murphy

This is the first book on fashion that made sense for me! First of all it is down to earth and specifically created for those like me....who somehow lived their whole life parallel to fashion, not bothered very much about it, on one hand ... but deeply feeling that something was missing.

The book gave me a completely new perspective on what fashion really is and how fun it can be to use it as a way to express myself rather than just to cover my body. Her simply, affordable tips and suggestions are great. It is a first book that shows me that fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. That there are middle grounds there, available and affordable for everyone. Since then I am more in tune how I feel before I choose my clothes, because then my clothes represent my feeling or are uplifting them.

It is so simple !!!  Yet I needed to wait more than 50 years to get it.

Well it is never too late!

The biology of belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles

Bruce Lipton

We ARE what we deeply believe in and Bruce Lipton explains the science behind it. Nowadays the book seems so obvious but if you think that 30 years ago it was easy for the scientist to claim the connection between our thoughts and results we have in life was easy - you are mistaken.

It took him many years, many talks and publications to stretch a bit the very allopathic medical world from the point of view on the connection between our mind and our body.

Books give us a clear explanation how our thoughts affect our behaviours and what we can do to live using our mind in a more ecological way.

A fantastic book in every aspect!


Dr Will Cole

Book on veg - keto - finally ! Great news! We can be on low carb diet without stuffing ourselves with meat and sausages and it can be so delicious! This is first almost vegetarian version of low carb diet and it works. I have tried classic kept diet before and although m sugar cravings lower down i felt somehow Unclean from within due to much to much eaten meat. When i started kept train version the uncomforted dissipated, my brain was clean and sharp and had tones of energy! Then obviously christmas came…well…but it is over now so i am happily coming back to all delicious recent you can find in this book along a clear explanation why eating grains is not neceserly for everybody!

Money isn't the problem, you are

Gary Douglas

Gary Douglas is the founder of Access Consciousness, which explores how our belief system shapes positively and negatively our everyday life.

This book is about money, but from the perspective how we associate money and how those opinions and points of view narrow our chances to have a life of abundance in any aspect of it ( not just money).

The book is full of great exercises, down to earth advices and is written with this witty realism so characteristic for Gary Douglas.

I read this book  for the first time many years ago and it literally transformed my relationship with money. This was like groundbreaking work on which I could afterwards build my own financial behaviour, decisions, actions.

This is the best book on money I ever read