My qualifications

In my discoveries and travels over last 20 years I have a chance to experience and very often to learn different body work approaches and healing modalities.Some of those explorations ended with the full qualifications, some where workshops, conferences or simply meeting other healers and learn from them. 

My journey started as a social worker, supporting alcohol addicts and their families back in Poland. I also worked with young offenders and with children suffering from neuromuscular disorders. 

It somehow naturally lead me to massage, that opened a new avenue for me and which I studied extensively, exploring and qualified in such modalities like holistic massage, cranio sacral therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, myofasical release, face reflexology or thai massage. 
Extensive years of exploring therapeutic touch manifested in opening Pure Massage, designing our treatments and developing unique massage training, known today as Pure Massage Spa Training Method. 
Running the business gave me fantastic opportunity to develop also skills in communication, time management and leadership, which were very well supported by participating in Landmark Forum Curriculum for life. 

My several trips to Africa, to study our ability to communicate through touch, open my mind and heart to different way of healing that acknowledges our spiritual being as much as our body and mind. Shamanism in which I was guided and initiated in sacred ceremonies, directly by Kalahari Bushman healers from Botswana and Namibia, was first and one of most important steps in my spiritual education. It followed with study and qualifications in power yoga, reiki, theta healing and clarity breathwork. 

But the most powerful source of knowledge and experience came from thousands of clients I have seen over those years. I had a chance to work with and contribute to positive change of people from all possible sides of life, man and woman in every age and social status. They searched for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Suffering from different physical pains and aches, but also from stress, loneliness, lack of success, past traumas, parenthood problems, lack of spiritual connection, depression, low self esteem and pains of the soul.

They became my teachers, my inspiration and motivation to constantly learn, explore, stay curios and passionate.

I am proud to say that I am happy person. I wake up every morning with the deep feeling of gratitude for who I am and where I am. Looking back at my life with all its challenges it seems almost hard to belief that I was able to make such a turn. But I did and I know that all my clients can as well, no matter how dark and painful place they might be in right now.  It is possible. 

"When you arise in the morning, think of what precious privilege it is to be alive, to think, to enjoy, to love"
Marcus Aurelius