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Why I’ve created these meditations?


Although meditation can be of such great benefit, there is a stigma around it, the myth that to meditate requires a specific skill or environment or both. Everybody can meditate. It is just a matter of allowing yourself to go into this silent place inside you, which we all have. I wanted to create meditations that would encourage you to slow down, to give yourself these precious 15 minutes to connect with yourself, to find your inner home. 


You may think about them as a great first step into meditation practice. 

I’ve chosen topics close to all of us; how to stay in the present moment, how to let go of negative emotions, how to sleep better, being grateful and even how to connect with your face and your beauty through meditations.


Love, Beata

Into the night.png


Beata’s created this meditation to help you have nourishing and peaceful sleep. She believes part of the sleeping problem is due to being unable to complete the day mentally, to make a true closure of the passing day and to go to bed feeling free from any stressful thoughts.

She guides you gently, helping you to switch off your mind and allowing you to fall safely into the night.

Price £4.50

Be still.png


Sometimes there are moments when we need an immediate remedy to stay calm and focus. These are the moments we lose our sense of balance, when we cannot think clearly, when we are overwhelmed by emotions. We need a rescue remedy and this is what Beata has created. You will take a journey with her into the techniques that will help you to calm down, reconnect with yourself and distance yourself from the overwhelming thoughts and emotions. In a calming and reassuring way she will help you to restore a sense of balance and clarity.

Price £4.50

Be free.png


It is hard to enjoy life, to appreciate good moments if we feel angry and resentful. Beata is aware of the fact that letting go is not an easy process, especially when you might be in the middle of a challenging situation. She created this specific meditation to help you give up the tension, to experience that letting go is possible. She takes you on the journey of liberating yourself from the negative feelings, in the most delicate and non-invasive way.

Price £4.50

Be thankful.png


In this meditation Beata wants to offer you an experience of how it feels when you practice thankfulness rather than focusing on what is lacking in your life. In a true meditative way and almost prayer like rhythm Beata guides you towards the realisation that maybe your life already has much more good and positive moments than you are able to notice. Beata invites you to see “what if there is no need to battle but rather stop and acknowledge how much you’ve already achieved” and she teaches you how to be really grateful for it.

Price £4.50

Open your heart.png


connecting with your heart, experiencing love and forgiveness.
You may sometimes experience feeling lost and lonely. It is painful. Beata believes in such moments that we have become disconnected with our heart. And when we do, it is almost impossible to experience love. Beata believes that experiencing love is our fundamental need and also our fundamental right. She takes you on the journey to reconnect with your heart, to forgive and to experience love again.

Price £4.50

Feel beautiful.png


You ARE beautiful because you are unique. How often you compare yourself with others instead of truly seeing and acknowledging your beauty. Beata takes you on the journey to rediscover your own face and to connect with your feminine energy. She created this meditation to give you a deep experience of being proud of being a woman. She helps you to connect with the softer and gentler part of your feminine, the part that you’ve so often had to abandon in order to go through life. She shows you how to claim this tender part of yourself feeling beautiful, powerful and present.

Price £4.50

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