Aleksandrowicz System - Face Cure

We live in a time of high expectations and demands.

Our language reveals how much we channel these demands through our faces. From the moment we wake up, we have to "face the world". At work, we have to talk "face-to-face​", "face the facts" and avoid "losing face". And at the end of the day, we "put a brave face" on life.

In meeting all these challenges our facial muscles grow tired and store tension, and our normal expression when our face is at rest may become increasingly tired and strained. 

For many people today, the solution to the "loss" of their faces seems to lie in invasive anti-ageing treatments.


However Face Cure offers such a wonderful alternative! 


The aim of the treatment is to Rest - Rejuvenate - Restore.


The Face Cure programme is a journey towards how to connect with your own face in a positive and loving way. During the treatment the face experiences physiological boost to regenerate the skin and re-educate the muscles.I also work on changing the "face memory" that impacts so much the current look of the face, leaving a more gentle, younger and happier appearance.


Your first session starts from a thorough consultation to find out how best personalised the treatment for you. I will take in consideration your expectations, lifestyle and your present circumstances.

I may concentrate on  bringing almost immediate glow and radiance or choose a most thorough approach and dedicate each session to a different part of the face starting from the forehead, following with cheeks area, the eyes and lips, the jaw and finally the neck. This is a true transformation for the face and an unique way to achieve visible and long lasting results. 


Sound therapy, breathing exercises, addressing the blockages in the body, changes in the life style and diet, ecology of mind are also an important part of each session. 

In case of any health complaints it is highly recommended to seek a doctor’s advice prior to your session.


60min treatment  £185

90min treatment  £260