For therapists to be powerful and effective they need not only to be equipped with injury free techniques but also in the education that will help them to understand themselves, to communicate, to take care of their own wellbeing and to maintain high quality of their work.

The courses below are at the core of such education and I believe they are important  for every therapist to be able to grow and reach their potential.

Aleksandrowicz System - Body Cure

7 days training in Personalised Deep Tissue  Back and Body Massage


Back and Body Massage are the most in demand treatments in a spa everywhere in the world. It means it is not only an important source of revenue but also it focusses the importance of delivering those massages in the best possible way. The key for delivering an optimum massage is to develop the emotional intelligence of the therapist . Aleksandrowicz System® provides therapists with very effective, injury free techniques that can be tailor made according to clients needs. It teaches how to be consistence in delivering massage day after day without burn out but with postural awareness and self confidence. How to continuously offer the human experience to clients, communicate powerfuly and stay motivated and curious.

Aleksandrowicz System - Face Cure

3 days training in Personalised Face Massage


I am a big promotor of natural way of taking care of the face and of prevention. This approach is regularly appreciated by the press and Aleksandrowicz System® face treatments receive continuously a high marks, being described as  as better than botox.

Training is very intensive and teach therapists not only how to offer treatment that is  effective and of high quality but also how to address any emotional issues that can be “hidden’ inside the face. To be able to deliver not only physical but also emotional healing. 

Aleksandrowicz System - Living Anatomy and Body Systems 

3 days interactive class in Anatomy and Physiology

The knowledge of the body functions will not only make treatment more effective but will also give therapists confidence - so often missing - how to address clients physical problems. How to recognised body limitations  and how to give personalised advice that can bring a real change for the client.

My class can serve therapists for whom the anatomy knowledge is new and for those who need a refresher.

It offers a new way of looking at the anatomy in much more approachable and light way. It also allows therapists to reconnect with their own body through movement and mediation and learn how to take care of themselves in most healthy way. 

Classes are experiential, interactive and fun!

Aleksandrowicz System - The Knowledge - Masterclass

2 days premium therapist training


This 2 day intensive course responds to all concerns related to mental physical and emotional self care, postural awareness, effective communication, consistency in massage prevention of burn out and injuries, especially RSI.

To achieve this I introduce essential tools of self care and communication, allowing every individual to shine in its own right, while making the group a strong entity to rely on when someone needs help.

While I don’t teach on the masterclass Aleksandrowicz System® massage techniques, I show how to incorporate principles of Aleksandrowicz System® in already existing treatments to make sure that they are effective.

Aleksandrowicz System - The Essence

4 hours workshop on awareness, engagement and communication


In a world where things change so rapidly therapists need to feel inspired and engaged. They need to learn, to grow, to evolve and be engaged with people.

The workshop is a quick reminder about a vital role therapists play in bringing the wellbeing into their clients life.

The workshop is designed to address current ailments therapists face every day, giving them a fresh and new perspective