Emotional Face Lift

Those who already met me in my practice know how much I emphasize the connection between mind and body in my work.

I truly believe that the quality of our thoughts and the way in which we approach life has an impact on the look of our face.

Negative believes, emotional wounds, regrets, and unsolved resentments all remain in the face, making us look old and unattractive.


What is your memories related to your face?

Do you remember others talking about your appearance?

Did you receive a complements from your parents?

What were your own thoughts about your face, your body, you attractiveness?

Did you like yourself?

Did you even ever thought about it?

Did you compare yourself with other children?

Did you feel seen, recognized and accepted?

Did you feel like hiding your face?


In this session we will explore your relationship with your own face, looking at what memories you have regarding your physicality and self-appearance. because they shaped you in who you are today and how you feel when you look at yourself.


Does it matter? Somebody would say that on a big scale of things it doesn’t. But the truth is that we are all longing for acceptance and love and experiencing them is a base for us to grow strong, with self-confidence and empathy for others.


Face is a gate, a bridge between us and others.


We will heal and complete whatever is needed, finding a way for you to fully accept who you are and how you look. 

I will guide you how to be less harsh with yourself while being more forgiving and loving instead. How to see yourself and your face from the space of acceptance and contentment, free from continuous self-judgment or comparison with others. How to claim your right to be who you truly are and look at your face with joy and gratitude.

Peacefully and lovingly.


Online session via Skype, Face Time.


In case of any health complaints it is highly recommended to seek a doctor’s advice prior to your session.




60min session   £185
90min session   £260