It is interactive, practical session that will guide you on how to rejuvenate and stimulate your face.


I am such a great believer in facial massage and if it is done well it can take away many years from the face, almost instantly. Face massage gives glow because both circulation of the blood and the lymph is increase. it also gives an opportunity to work on each muscle of the face, lifting and toning.


This is an hour’s workout for the face during which I will show you the best and most effective techniques of face massage and you will then practice them with me.

We will tailor-make them according to your specific needs.


Once you will be familiar with your self-massage regime, I will share with you a range of different face exercises that bring guaranteed results. They are simple yet very effective and will take only few minutes every day to strengthen the muscles and firmer the skin. We will choose them according to your needs and concerns, focusing on the specific areas.


We will also explore how to support the quality of your skin with good breathing routines, mindfulness techniques and eating habits. We will work on routines that will reduce your stress level and give you a new, positive perspective.


Finally, we will create a common sense beauty regime that will be as effortless as possible and suit your specific needs.


Online session via Skype, Face Time.




60min session £185